The Original Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

  • Toasts the face of Jesus on every sandwich
  • Non-stick plates mean heavenly quick clean ups!
  • The rays help to evenly distribute heat ensuring the perfect toast.
  • TV show GLEE based an episode on the cheesus (Season 2, Episode 3: Grilled Cheesus)
  • A portion of our proceeds go to doing good deeds around the world.

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James Shaw
My Grilled Cheesus

Doesnt reveal his face completely, crushes the sandwich and disfigures the product, and tastes weird as well.....will not recommend this to anyone.......great concept but poor results. I will say your shipping was spot-on and you delivered quickly. Thank you.

Casey Patrick

So lovely. Gonna feed some Cheeus to my coworkers.

Michael Liben
Our Daily Toast

Oh Lord, Father of mercy. Give us each day our daily toast and may Thy divine countenance be placed upon it so that we may ingest Thee, yea even unto our innermost parts. May Thy divine halo glisten with the buttery goodness of Your spirit and may our days be jam-packed with Thy eternal sweetness.
Can I get an AMEN?

Aurora Reffett
10/10 recommend

I think this is the first review I’ve ever written for a product. This has been a great grilled cheesus maker. It is hilarious and has provided with lots of laughs. Praise cheesus. 🙏🏻

Hilarity Products
Truly amazing!

Lol.. Jesus and a sandwich press.. the top two things you'd never need. Next I'll be reviewing trumps tall fences for 9 million a sq ft